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Basic Material

As per request, I'm going to be posting my on going shader work (in UDK) with pictures and explainations so that I can show case my work and help my fellow artists with their own shaders.  First up is the Basic Shader.

This shader is used for basic props.  It has bump offset functionality, as well as emissive stored in the alpha channel of the normal map and the alpha channel of the diffuse for opacity. At 62 instructions, it's very reasonable for what it does.

this is the overview and shows the connection points.

Tiling controls, very simple and plugs in to the bump offset which controls the UV's of all the textures. The parameters "Tiling X" and "Y" are used in the material instance for fine tuning how often you want the textures to tile. Just make sure that the TexCoord node used has 1 in the appropriate x or y inputs.

The Bump offset allows for a heighmap to be used in conjunction with the other textures. The parameter, for strength controls the intensity of that offset.

diffuse and specular nodes, very straight forward a simple parameter controls the spec power (tightness of the highlight) and another multiplied by the specular texture controls the brightness of the spec.  The alpha channel goes into a switch in case it's not needed.

Normal and Emissive controls.  The alpha channel of the normal map, multiplied by the diffuse (which is multiplied by a parameter to control the glow strength) then goes into a switch to turn emissive on or off in case it's not even needed to save instructions.

the finished material instance, complete with options.


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